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About eHome Counseling & Our Segments Of Care

eVideo Counselor is based in Orlando, FL and all our segments fall under the umbrella of eHome Counseling Management Partners, LLC (EHCMP). The company provides the highest quality counseling services to match our technologically advanced care solution.

All of our segments utilize state-of-the-art technology and are delivered in an online “face-to-face” video format. All programs feature a high engagement/multi layered treatment design.

EHCMP has multiple segments to serve different markets. Markets and subsidiaries include:

  • Individual counseling needs for consumers, whether with or without insurance coverage,
    through eVideo Counselor
  • Medical practice clients with behavioral care needs through eHome Behavioral Care
  • Individual needs for consumers through eHome Counseling
  • First Responders through the eHome Heroes program
  • Active duty and retired Military through eHome Military
  • Drug and alcohol addiction clients through eHome Aftercare
  • Court-ordered alcohol/drug addiction counseling and classes through eHome Court
  • Couples assessment and coaching through eHome Couples

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